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Robot Monitoring Unit




  •  The Robot Monitoring Unit (RMU 20-20 & RMU 20-30) is a Category 4 and PLe compliant system which monitors the robot position and speed so as to shut off the power to the robot when its position or speed are deemed to be irregular
  •  The robot position monitoring system consist of safety circuits using microcomputers and semiconductors, and input/output signals,redundant safety signals and other signals from the process control panel are connected as the input/output signals from outside the robot controller .   
  •  Control signals of emergency stop button,operation switches,and magnetic switch of the robot controller are connected as the internal input/output signals, and the unit has functions for monitoring the sequence and status. 
  •  The robot monitoring unit is connected by a cable to the position encoder of the drive motor so that the unit can monitor the robot operations, and the system ensures that the robot will stop safely when the robot has operated irregularly. 
  •  User defined work areas provide improved safety and flexibility not previously available with base limit zone rings and arm clear switches. 
  •   Multiple work zones can be user defined to interlock robot motion with peripheral safety equipment such as light curtains, laser sensors, and other equipment  

Technical Highlights

  •  Improved safety through dual safety related signals
  •  Utilizes robot position & speed monitoring functions
  •  Reduced safety signal cabling by using Safety Network CIP Safety on EtherNet/IP (Ethernet/IP Safety)
  •  Conforms to International Standard IEC 61508 SIL3 and Category 4 of ISO 13849-1 Ple
  •  ISO10218 Conformance supports collaborative work between humans & robots




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