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Jack-knife Arm


Reduced Cycle Time

  •  Transfer a panel between presses over the shortest distance in the shortest time.



Parallel Handling

  •  Transfer a panel,parallel with the ground,without rotating it
  •  Alteration of press is not required and cost reduction of new equipment

 Automatic Hand Replacement Unit

  • Change tools while types of presses are being changed by installing the auto tool changer(option) 

Merit 1-High Speed Transfer



  • Straight line motions mean work travels directly over the shortest distance and in the shortest time.Press line productivity is greatly enhanced 
Merit 2-Parallel Transfer  
  • Because the panel is moved parallel to the ground without altering orientation,it is not necessary to change the Press die.This greatly reduces equipment costs. 

Merit 3-Safe Operation 

  • Prevents dropping accidents because work materials are not spun around when being transferred 

Supports Wide Variety of Products 



  • The Built in tool changer on the end of the Jack knife arm makes speedy hand changes possible.The attachments are lighter,costs are lowered and storage space is reduced 

Data sheet

   Jack Knife Arm Catalog.pdf








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