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Nachi Introduces Slim Collaborative Robot
Slim Collaborative Robot with 10Kg Payload and 1300mm reach
NACHI Introduces Worlds Fastest Robot in 7 kg Payload class
Superfast ,Compact and Light Weight Robot
SRA Robot wins Ten Best New Product Award
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun 2011 Ten Best New Product Award
SRA Robot with Amazing Speed
Amazing Speed that Sets the Standard
NMW Sydney 2010
Face of Technology at National Manufacturing Week 2010
Nachi MR20
Highly flexible robot ideal for applications such as Material Handling, Machine Tending,
Nachi (Australia) has expanded its line up of robots available in the Presto ST Series.
Nachi Palletizing Robot
Nachi SH133 palletizing robot palletizes bags weighing 20 Kg at a rate of 8 bags per minute...
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About Nachi

 Nachi Fujikoshi started building robots in 1969 by leveraging hydraulic technologies and automation know how it accumulated in machine tool industry since its inception in 1928.Since then ,Nachi-Fujiksohi has been introducing products built upon its technological excellence and innovative strength,that accurately respond to market demands. Nowadays ,as an irreplaceable partner,working on automotive production lines with the strength and vision to support industrial machinery market,Nachi-Fujikoshi has grown to earn trust and respect in factories around the world. The world comes to Nachi-Fujikoshi for all its needs,from high speed ,precision operation to lifting heavy loads in full range of assembly work and welding solutions. Nachi-Fujikoshi robots are evolving with customers processes to meet the challenge of the world's future automation needs. 

Origin of the Corporate Name "Fujikoshi"

Nachi-Fujikoshi Corp.was founded in the city of Toyama in 1928. Kohki Imura ,the founder ,named the company Fujikoshi in order to give concrete expression to his creed that self sufficiency in machine tool supply is indispensable to Japan's economic prosperity.The first two characters-translated to "Fuji"-were picked from Buddhist scriptures.A passage in the scriptures says "Justice and injustice appear to be different things.The truth is that they are "Fuji" (not two).They are one and the same."

The third Chinese character -translated to "Koshi"-means the general area along the Jaoan Sea since olden days

Origin of the Trademark "Nachi"

The Nachi brand name comes from "Kumano-Nachi-Taisha,"the Grand shrine,that is the origin of Japan.It expresses strong entrepreneurial will.

In 1929,the Emperor Showa made a tour of the Kansai district to inspect industries as part of the encouragement of domestic production,and personally inspected a Fujikoshi hacksaw blade that was on display as an example of an outstanding domestic product at the Osaka Prefectural office.

Overjoyed at the honor of entertaining the Emperor's special attention,Kohki Imura decided to name his product "Nachi" after the name of latest naval cruiser to be made in Jaoan,the very same vessel that the Emperor was sailing on for his tour


 NACHI FUJIKOSHI Company Profile 2018