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Nachi Introduces Slim Collaborative Robot
Slim Collaborative Robot with 10Kg Payload and 1300mm reach
NACHI Introduces Worlds Fastest Robot in 7 kg Payload class
Superfast ,Compact and Light Weight Robot
SRA Robot wins Ten Best New Product Award
Nikkan Kogyo Shimbun 2011 Ten Best New Product Award
SRA Robot with Amazing Speed
Amazing Speed that Sets the Standard
NMW Sydney 2010
Face of Technology at National Manufacturing Week 2010
Nachi MR20
Highly flexible robot ideal for applications such as Material Handling, Machine Tending,
Nachi (Australia) has expanded its line up of robots available in the Presto ST Series.
Nachi Palletizing Robot
Nachi SH133 palletizing robot palletizes bags weighing 20 Kg at a rate of 8 bags per minute...
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NMW Sydney 2010


Nachi Australia showcased their innovative and versatile MR20 (7 axis) robot at the popular Innovate stand during National Manufacturing Week held in Sydney in May 2010. The popular and interactive robot display cell was specially designed to allow interested visitors to have their faces scanned and then accurately machined onto a polystyrene foam wall by the Nachi robot. Nachi and it's partners highlighted the technology involved in this process which calls for accurate machining paths to be created for the robot by using unique scanning and latest technology CAM software. The CAM software collates and translates the collected face scan data into a SLIM language format allowing the Nachi AX20 Robot Controller to identify and accurately transfer the necessary information to guide the robot on required machining paths. The process of converting the scanning data to programming completion took less than ten minutes which then allowed the Nachi Robot to process, machine and complete numerous facial images in an impressive short cycle time. This technology can be implemented in numerous applications and is limited only by the customers imagination. Nachi are global leaders in cutting edge Robot technology and applications with a proven variety of models to suit today's demanding industry and market requirements. NACHI have offices in Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.